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Gum Tablets & Lozenges

Gum, Tablets & Lozenges

Why Gum, Tablets & Lozenges are Excellent Dosage Forms

Why Gum, Tablets & Lozenges | Our patent-pending chewing gum delivery technology and the compressed lozenges we make are excellent forms for delivering supplements and active ingredients.  Some of the significant advantages of a direct compression tableted chewing gum or lozenge are:

  • Fast absorption – many times faster than conventional oral dosage forms like pills or beverages
  • Consumer friendly – for the 40% of people who do not like swallowing any type of pill
  • Convenient and discrete – no liquid required
  • High bioavailability of active ingredients – avoids first pass metabolism in stomach and liver
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Mastix LLC was created in 2009 by a pharmaceutical industry executive with the goal of developing niche healthcare products (supplements and pharmaceuticals) in underutilized, emerging dosage forms like tableted chewing gum, chew-able tablets and lozenges.  Using an in-house product development team, Mastix LLC develops custom tablet formulations that incorporate dietary supplements for companies competing in a variety of

markets, including energy, immune support, weight loss and dental, just to name a few.
Mastix LLC is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make tableted chewing gum products.  Mastix LLC uses a direct compression tableting process.  Our proprietary compressed gum delivery technology is excellent for delivering supplements and active ingredients.