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Gum Manufacturing Process

Our Process

Gum Manufacturing Process | Mastix LLC manufactures a diverse family of tableted products in different dosage forms and for different markets.  These products are Kosher certified (Star-K), allergen-free and made in a quality-driven GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) environment as required by U.S. regulations.  We have our ingredients and products independently tested and verified by a third-party laboratory.  We will custom formulate a product and contract manufacture and package it for you or you can private label one of our already formulated products.

Our dosage forms include functional chewing gum, chewable tablets, lozenges, medicated confectionery, mints and candy:

  • One of only a couple of companies in the world that makes tableted chewing gum using direct compression.
  • Our chewable tablet products include a major national brand product with vitamins, minerals and herbals.
  • We also contract manufacture lozenges for customers when the dose is too high for a chewing gum product.
  • In addition to caffeinated mints, we are one of the largest producers of breath mints for promotional products.
  • We also make pressed candy in various shapes and flavors including pieces with holes for bracelets and necklaces.

We make products that serve diverse markets and customers:

  • Dietary supplements that incorporate a wide range of ingredients including actives, vitamins, minerals, herbals, probiotics, botanicals, amino acids and more.
  • We make, functional gum,  functional foods and medicated confectionery products using sugar or sugar-free ingredients
  • Our varied customer base includes national brand marketers, custom internet sellers, private label sellers, small brand marketers, international customers, the U.S. Military and many more.

We are also developing our own proprietary dietary supplement products that will be sold in specialized healthcare markets. Please contact us for all of your contract manufacturing needs for any tableted product – chewable tablets, lozenges and tableted chewing gum. thank you for read our gum manufacturing process page.



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Mastix LLC was created in 2009 by a pharmaceutical industry executive with the goal of developing niche healthcare products (supplements and pharmaceuticals) in underutilized, emerging dosage forms like tableted chewing gum, chew-able tablets and lozenges.  Using an in-house product development team, Mastix LLC develops custom tablet formulations that incorporate dietary supplements for companies competing in a variety of

markets, including energy, immune support, weight loss and dental, just to name a few.
Mastix LLC is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make tableted chewing gum products.  Mastix LLC uses a direct compression tableting process.  Our proprietary compressed gum delivery technology is excellent for delivering supplements and active ingredients.