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Mints & Pressed Candies


All About Our Mints & Pressed Candies

Mastix LLC was created from the acquisition of Koko’s Confectionery private label manufacturing business. It is one of the largest manufacturers of tableted mints & pressed candies products in the U.S.

With the ability to manufacture tableted mints & pressed candies ranging in many sizes and flavors, Mastix LLC can provide customers with a variety that meets their needs. We currently have a multitude of tooling shapes that can be made into candy with a relatively short lead time.

Mastix LLC is currently the only contract manufacturer of compressed dextrose candy in the United States that can put a hole in the center of each of our mints & pressed candies pieces – for bracelets and necklaces

Size and shape are not the only items that can be customized. We can customize the flavor, the color, and the ingredient. Products can be made with a compressed dextrose, sorbitol or xylitol base.

Mints & Pressed Candies