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Advantages of Room Temperature Process
for Gum Making

Mastix LLC uses a patented technology to manufacture its own powdered gum in what is know as a room temperature process. This allows for the flexibility to create custom formulations that can incorporate multiple gum bases and multiple active ingredients.  Conventional gum manufacturers use an extrusion process that requires high heat which can kill many active ingredients and may result in a sub-potent final gum product.  Mastix LLC’s functional gum is manufactured under GMP conditions at room temperature (Room Temperature Process) using pharmaceutical direct compression techniques so the actives are fully available in the final product.


The advantages of a compressed tablet gum versus the extrusion method:

Room Temperature Process



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Mastix LLC was created in 2009 by a pharmaceutical industry executive with the goal of developing niche healthcare products (supplements and pharmaceuticals) in underutilized, emerging dosage forms like tableted chewing gum, chew-able tablets and lozenges.  Using an in-house product development team, Mastix LLC develops custom tablet formulations that incorporate dietary supplements for companies competing in a variety of

markets, including energy, immune support, weight loss and dental, just to name a few.
Mastix LLC is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make tableted chewing gum products.  Mastix LLC uses a direct compression tableting process.  Our proprietary compressed gum delivery technology is excellent for delivering supplements and active ingredients.