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Functional Chewing Gum

Leading the Way in Unique Tableted Products

Mastix LLC makes tableted products in a variety of dosage forms for a diverse customer base, and for domestic and international markets.  Mastix LLC actually manufactures functional chewing gum products in its own 28,000 sqft facility and is not a broker without its own factory.  We contract manufacture or private label tableted chewing gum, chewable tablets, lozenges, mints and candy for a wide variety of customers including national brand leaders, small niche marketers, the U.S. Military, export customers and many more.  Our product capabilities include dietary supplements, functional chewing gum, medicated chewing gum, functional foods and confectionery, medicated confectionery and compressed dextrose or sugar-free candy – almost anything that can be tableted we can make.  We are a socially and ethically responsible company that operates a quality-driven, GMP-compliant production environment.  Our products are Kosher (Star-K) and Halal certified.

Mastix LLC specializes in developing and contract manufacturing products that provide faster absorption of active ingredients in tableted chewing gum and lozenge dosage forms.   Using tableted chewing gum as a delivery system, the actives are absorbed through the buccal mucosa, which is faster than products that use conventional oral absorption in tablet, capsule or liquid dosage forms.

Mastix LLC is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make functional chewing gum products.  Our functional gum is made using unique proprietary know-how of adding active ingredients to a powdered gum base and then tableting a chewing gum using direct compression thus making a product that has content uniformity from piece to piece.  Unlike other companies, we are the only company that manufactures its own powdered gum base using a proprietary, patent-pending process.  This process allows us the flexibility to create custom formulations.  Conventional gum manufacturers use a high temperature extruded process that can kill many active ingredients, which may result in a sub-potent final product.  Our gum is manufactured under GMP conditions at room temperature so the actives are fully available in the final product.

Our in-house formulation team works with customers to create unique products so let Mastix LLC develop a product for you that will surpass your competitors in originality, effectiveness and taste!



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Mastix LLC was created in 2009 by a pharmaceutical industry executive with the goal of developing niche healthcare products (supplements and pharmaceuticals) in underutilized, emerging dosage forms like tableted chewing gum, chew-able tablets and lozenges.  Using an in-house product development team, Mastix LLC develops custom tablet formulations that incorporate dietary supplements for companies competing in a variety of

markets, including energy, immune support, weight loss and dental, just to name a few.
Mastix LLC is one of very few companies in the world that has the ability to make tableted chewing gum products.  Mastix LLC uses a direct compression tableting process.  Our proprietary compressed gum delivery technology is excellent for delivering supplements and active ingredients.